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We are living in a time when more than ever, we see the need to connect our work to our visions of justice and healing of land, water and the communities we live in. But what does that look like? 

Whether you're an individual, a grassroots initiative, a collective, a board of directors, an organization or institution, we provide trainings to help turn visions for undoing the harms of colonization and regenerating land and people into tangible steps.

With a team experienced in anti-oppression facilitation, trainings, policy-creation, alternative forms of education, anti-colonial methodologies and needs-based direct action, we work with you to transform harmful patterns and work towards implementing measurable, meaningful and long-term anti-oppression frameworks, solidarity, equity and inclusion within various contexts. 

Land & Freedom. Original Artwork by Rosa Amarilla. Inspired by Soni Lopez-Chavez, @Soni_Artist

Land & Freedom: by Rosa Amarilla. Inspired by Soni Lopez-Chavez, @Soni_Artist

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Ikake Rising


Madre 'Ikake' is the name for the goddess of the Earth, Mother Earth, carried by the Cuicas/Kuikas--Siblings of the High Mountains--people of Trujillo in the Andes of Venezuela. Madre Ikake is our cofounder connected to Natali's deep ancestral roots through her mother's lineage in Cuicas territory. 


Ikake Rising is Mother Earth rising, and with her our pre-colonial identities returning to us: the medicine we all carry deep within, beneath layers of conditioning. 


The Rose in our logo represents the long line of campesinas that Natali descends from, Indigenous women of the Andes mountains who have stewarded the land for many generations. 

The Scottish thistle represents Ben's ties to the land to which he belongs, and his ongoing journey back to his own pre-colonial, Gaelic identity, language and cosmology, and thus his process of unlearning & challenging colonial patterns and behaviors and his work to bring other settler-colonizers into this journey.

Our collaborative efforts centre the deep work of decentering colonization, reclaiming our cosmologies as a path towards collective liberation and the healing of the land, Mother Earth, from which we come.


  • Anti-oppressive facilitation tools & techniques

  • Policy Reframing

  • Non-hierarchical organizing and decision making frameworks

  • Needs-Based Models for Community Work

  • Organizational Equity Assessment

  • Community Needs & Resource Mapping

  • Strategic planning: Visioning, Missioning and Shaping your Means

  • Organizational Review: Past, Present & Future

  • Transnational Network Building

Workshop & Training Series

  • Anti-Oppressive Facilitation 101: Naming, Intervening & Addressing Systemic Power 

  • Confronting Xenophobia: Building Inclusion and Solidarity with Immigrants

  • Building an Intersectional Analysis within Social Justice Work

  • Transforming Toxic Masculinities

  • Doing the Work: Reckoning with White Supremacy

  • Taking Action against Police Violence and Transforming Responses to Harm

  • Environmental Justice at the Intersections: Exploring Migrant struggles, Climate Change and Canadian Colonization across Borders

  • Anti-colonial Methodologies for Community-Engaged Work: Undoing the harmful practices of research

Who we've worked with
locally & Globally

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Cardowan Community Meadow

Solidarity-contributions make it possible for us to offer sliding scale workshops for those who are less economically privileged.

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