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We work to build the capacity for transformational change for individuals, communities, organizations and institutions. This includes challenging systems & behaviours that are inherently violent towards the land, humans & all beings. 

We offer 3 areas of work

for systemic change





Designed to help you begin exploring the area of focus, its roots and how it shows up...

open/public | no pre-reqs | pwyc$

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Our workshops are a great first step to explore an area, providing an overview, equipping you with the basics and preparing you for a deeper dive in one of our training series on the same topic. 

We believe in experiential learning. In workshops we guide you through a combination of theory, real world case studies, facilitated discussion and resources to apply to your own work and life.


You'll get a chance to hear from other people in the field, to share your own experiences and to connect with a network of others working towards similar goals.

Some workshops we have offered in the past include:

  • Confronting Xenophobia: Building Inclusion and Solidarity with Immigrants

  • Building an Intersectional Analysis within Social Justice Work

  • Transforming Toxic Masculinities

  • Doing the Work: Reckoning with White Supremacy

  • Taking Action against Police Violence and Transforming Responses to Harm

  • Environmental Justice at the Intersections: Exploring Migrant struggles, Climate Change and Canadian Colonization across Borders

  • Anti-colonial Frameworks for Community-Engaged Work: Undoing the harmful practices of research

To request a Workshop that is not listed here, please contact us!


Deep dives into the roots of systemic issues and tools to transform them.

designed for you |  private | series


While our workshops are open, sometimes one-off events for the general public, our trainings are designed specifically for you/your collective/your organization and will take place over multiple sessions, with the aim to build the capacity of your team, [create systems of support,] and internalize the skills, knowledge and awareness you need to continue the work beyond the scope of the training.


Our trainings give you the tools and teach you how to use them in your own work.


We offer Train-the-Trainer programs as well as trainings for administrators, teachers, facilitators, start-up teams or specific departments within your organization.


We offer trainings for deeper dives into many of our workshop areas. Other examples of trainings we offer include:

  • Anti-Oppressive Facilitation 101: Naming, Intervening & Addressing Systemic Power  (2-part training)

  • Decentering Colonialism & Capitalism in Organizing Spaces (2-part training)

  • Organizational Framework & Strategic Planning (ongoing depending on need)

  • Year End Reviews for Community Groups: Challenges, Strengths; Vision, Mission & Means (needs-based timeline)

  • Healing our Toxic Masculinities Series: Dismantling the Patriarchy from Within (6-part group session)

  • [Circle-Work: Hosting Transformative Circles: eg. healing circles geared towards transformative justice, empathetic listening and de-escalation

To design a training for you and/or your team, contact us!


Bring the professionals straight into your work.

designed with you | private


​In our consulting work we come to you, either on-the-ground or virtually, and work with you to assess, review and transform organizational culture, strategies and structures, to impact your internal operations as well as relations with external partners, clients, allies and the land.


This means identifying and moving away from oppressive systems, underlying assumptions and norms, and towards liberated, regenerative, effective models, in which everyone has the opportunity to come into their full power and your work becomes more impactful.

We consult for organizations, companies, government agencies, social justice leaders, educational and academic institutions, the service industry and more.


Examples of Consultancy Work include:

  • Organizational Equity Assessment: Hiring-process review, Decision-Making, Policy & Operations review

  • Multi-Stakeholder Needs & Resource Mapping

  • Practices for Wellbeing and Compassionate, Effective Operations

  • Transforming Conflict with Empathetic Listening & Needs-Based Communication

  • Group Work: Group Stages, Horizontal Leadership Models

  • Radical Curriculum Development

  • Service Learning, Project-Based Learning & Experiential Learning Pedagogies

  • Academic Consulting: eg. Anti-colonial research frameworks & methodologies

Are you looking for a service you don't see here? Contact us.

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