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Bringing cultures together has such a huge impact for those of us “who walk the line” or have “our feet in both worlds” with being mixed ancestry.

I just found this space to be so right for someone like me who has Celtic and Indigenous roots. To feel honoured and grounded in all ways. Was very different for me and very impactful. Miigwetch for you all.


The way the speakers talked and interacted with us made me feel like I was guided, listened and valued. 

It’s like a safe space where I could share my feelings and ideas without worrying about being judged. Such a warm and positive energy in the room.

The structure of the workshops was amazing! I loved all the workshops and learnt so much from the experience! The speakers helped me to think about 'change' from a different perspective and I felt revitalised in my ambitions

It was well arranged and the space felt safe and welcoming. I loved hearing the trainer's own stories of resilience which have left me inspired and optimistic about actively working for change.

I was happy about how accessible the workshops were.


Working with you both has been an absolute pleasure. The way you work with kindness and empathy has been so refreshing and uplifting.


It has been great to understand that professionalism does not have to be without care.


I am so grateful for the support you have given me and my colleagues.


Your deep understanding of anti-oppression work has really grounded our project. Thank you.

What stood out to me was how well you were able to engage across multiple oppressions but still ensure the work was being done.

All of your reports were very clear and easy to understand.

I was also struck by how your work with us was team building and confidence boosting.


Ikake Rising's training on de-escalation and facilitation techniques rooted in anti-racism and anti-oppression was informative, open and allowed a safe space for discussion to roleplay real scenarios and reflective responses if we approach these in future work.

This training was key for the delivery of our work and bringing important change to the sector, where we may face confrontation or challenges from those we work with. This will help to transform those areas of oppression within the sector.

This training was INSPIRING. Not only were we provided the tools to take forward but it was a good chance to speak about these vulnerable moments as a group in a productive and reflective way.


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